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Plan B Levonorgestrel

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Levonorgestrel serves a combination drug that belongs to a group of birth control medications. The active ingredients of the treatment prevent ovulation, alter cervical mucus and change the uterus lining. As a result of such an impact, it becomes harder for sperm to get to the uterus and more difficult for a fertilized egg to attach to it. Consequently, Levlen is approved as an effective contraceptive to warn pregnancy. Besides, the drug can be administered in other cases, not listed in the safety guide.

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Plan B Levonorgestrel

Levonorgestrel is a hormone that can be used for emergency contraception. Emergency contraception should not be used as a routine method of birth control.Levonorgestrel can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. People sometimes call it the “morning after pill.” But you don’t have to wait until the morning after sex to take it. In fact, levonorgestrel is more effective the sooner you take it. It is a one-dose regimen: you take one pill. The pill contains 1.5 milligrams of levonorgestrel, which is used in lower doses in many birth control pills.

Levonorgestrel brands include Econtra EZ, My Way, Next Choice One Dose, Plan B One Step, Preventeza, and Take Action. These are given as a one pill emergency contraception or as 2 pills taken separately within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Buy Cialis-Tadalafil

How Does Levonorgestrel Work?

Depending upon where you are in your cycle, levonorgestrel helps prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. It may prevent or delay ovulation.

Levonorgestrel is not the same as RU-486, which is an abortion pill. It does not cause a miscarriage or abortion. It will not work if you are already pregnant when you take it. Learn more about how emergency contraception works.

How Effective Is Levonorgestrel?

If you take the pill within 72 hours after you’ve had unprotected sex, levonorgestrel can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 87% if taken as directed. If you take Plan B One-Step within 24 hours, it is much more effective.

But you should know that Plan B One-Step is not as effective as regular contraception. So don’t take it as a form of birth control. And, it does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. Think of it as a backup — not for routine use. That’s why it’s called Plan B. Get more information on emergency contraception and its effectiveness.

How to Take Levonorgestrel

Plan B One Step can be purchased over the counter at drugstores without a prescription or proof of age. Because it is most effective when taken as soon as possible (up to 72 hours after unprotected sex), consider having a ready supply in your medicine cabinet. Better yet, use a reliable form of birth control, and plan for a backup method of birth control. Morphine

Common use

The drug changes condition of cervical mucus and uterine lining and hampers movement of sperm cells to the uterus and attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterus.


Recurrent use of Levonorgestrel during one menstrual cycle is not recommended due to possible disorders of the period.
The medication does not substitute regular contraception medication and should be used only in case of emergency. Suboxone
Emergency medication sometimes fails to prevent pregnancy.
This medication excretes to the breast milk.
Take the pills after breastfeeding to decrease negative effects on your baby and avoid breastfeeding after the treatment. Norvasc
Inform your doctor if you have a bleeding or blood-clotting disorder, diabetes, a vaginal infection, a sexually transmitted disease, pelvic infection, heart disease, high blood pressure, or a heart valve disorder.

Side effects

The most frequent adverse reactions of Levonorgestrel include nausea, irregular pap smear bleeding, delay of menses for more than 7 days, dizziness, headache, a pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, tension of the mammary glands, fatigue. Black Cobra (Sildenafil)

Drug interaction

Simultaneous use of the drugs, which induce liver enzymes accelerates metabolism of Levonorgestrel.
These drugs may reduce the effectiveness of Levonorgestrel:
barbiturates, including primidon, phenytoin and carbamazepine and drugs that contain St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), rifampicin, ritonavir, rifabutin, griseofulvin.
Drugs that contain Levonorgestrel may increase toxicity of cyclosporine. MDMA


Vomiting and bleeding are possible. Contact your doctor if you suspect overdose.


Therefore, We provide only general information about medications which does not cover all directions, possible drug integrations, or precautions.
In addition,We disclaim reliability of this information and mistakes it could contain. Oxycontin Most Importantly,We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage as a result of any use of the information on this site and also for consequences of self-treatment. Adderall XR

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